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Research Pilots

Wednesday ، 05 January 2022

Research Pilots

Khorasan-e Razavi ACECR’s agenda is conducting applicable plans and implementing the results of these research projects based on its aims. Looking at the cycle of science and technology in the country and reviewing research programs, production of laboratory products at pilot scale is a missing link in completing technical knowledge and commercializing products. Therefore, ACECR Food Science and Technology Research Institute have launched semi-industrial research pilots.

Natural Food Colors Research Pilot:

Given the large number of color-consuming food industry units, high potential of natural resources for the extraction of natural food colorings, the absence of natural coloring producing units in the country, the high price of imported natural colorings and consequently the outflow of currency, the importance of natural colorings from a public health perspective, sanctions, the emphasis of standard office on the use of natural colorings in some food products including snacks and ..., collecting the technical knowledge of extracting natural colorings in the country is necessary and inevitable. Thus, the large-scale project of producing food natural colorings was conducted by Khorasan-e Razavi ACECR in 14 small projects. Also, the production of these food colorings on a semi-industrial scale (pilot) was put on the agenda so that it can be transferred to industry and produced on a commercial scale once the market basket is completed.



* Ability to extract a variety of natural food colorings with nutritional, pharmaceutical and industrial applications from encapsulated biological sources of various active ingredients

* Ability to extract a variety of extracts, essential oils and food, pharmaceuticals and industrial additives

* Ability to extract at low temperatures and produce high quality product

* Production of food and pharmaceutical powders using spray drying technique

* Ability to use the equipment available in the pilot system separately, if a specific stage in the process is required

Some of the produced products:

Natural food colorings, herbal extracts, fiber supplements, protein supplements, encapsulated active ingredients

Extrusion Research Pilot:

Regarding the high consumption of extruded (bulk) snacks and nutritional concerns regarding this issue, producing healthy snacks and a culture of healthy food consumption has been a challenging topic in recent years. This is especially important given the target community, which is generally young children and students. On the one hand, there is a lot of competition among manufacturers to offer new and unique food products considering the diversity of consumers. Food extrusion is one of the technologies that, enables the production of a wide variety of products due to its flexible nature. Accordingly, ACECR Food Science and Technology Research Institute recognized the importance of this subject and with more than two decades of research experience in the field of foods and obtaining valuable achievements in this field, launched the first semi-industrial extrusion research and production pilot in the country with the approach of transferring applied research achievements to industry, commercial scale production and community health promotion. The pilot\s extruder has a capacity of 10 to 100 kg / h and has three controllable heat zones with the ability to adjust input feed rate, rotational speed of cylinders and the size and shape of the output product.


* Ability to produce a wide range of products by changing the operating conditions of the extruder and dyes

* High variety of raw materials and manufactured products

* Less costs than other cooking methods

* High efficiency through continuous device operation

* Preserving a large proportion of heat-sensitive compounds, eliminating anti-nutritional compounds and high-quality products

* Reducing environmental pollution because of no need for wastewater treatment facilities

* Conserving critical resources due to low water consumption in the cycle of extruded product production

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