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Food Processing Research department

Wednesday ، 05 January 2022


Food Processing Research Group

Food processing is a productive and strategic industry that plays an important role in food safety and creating added value for agricultural products. In this regard, promoting food quality, reducing waste and production costs as well as diversifying food and reducing environmental pollution by optimizing and designing effective food processing methods are at the forefront of this groups activities. The group’s main activities are as follows:

* Optimizing food processing methods to reduce wastes and increase productivity

* Designing food processing methods using new technologies

* Utilizing micro-technology in food production and packaging

* Developing new food products and developing engineering technical solutions for food industry

Research orientation:

Due to the development of market for consumption of effective dietary products and the ability of extrusion technology to produce such products, the food processing group has incorporated the use of extrusion process in its medium-term research programs either to produce and deliver new products or improve the quality of some common products. The advantages of this method include its versatility, variety of products and its desirable quality, less production costs than other cooking methods, high efficiency and lack of wastewater.

Capabilities and activities performed:

* Modifying and improving food properties through the estrogen process

* Producing extruded snacks based on cereals, grains, sprouts, edible fiber sources, oilseeds and nuts

* Formulating and producing flavored coatings (dragee)

* Producing fiber supplements and modifying their properties by extrusion method

* Offering active food packaging and formulating edible coatings

* Holding training courses and specialized workshops on extrusion technology and other innovative technologies in the food industry

* Producing hydrolyzed casein in laboratory with enzymatic method to utilize in the preparation of infant formula

* Providing a formulation for barbari and sangak breads fortified with extruded wheat bran

* Producing and extracting protein isolates and utilizing them in food production and edible films

* Enhancing the performance and stability of probiotic bacteria and prebiotic compounds in extruded products

* Producing and optimizing soy-based foods (milk, yogurt, cheese, drinks, ice cream, mayonnaise, protein isolate)

* Evaluating the probiotic and prebiotic properties of native and commercial sources in the model system for the formulation and production of dragees (flavored coatings)

* Optimizing the conditions of inulin extraction from native plants by ultrasound waves and comparison with conventional method

* Producing edible mushroom powder

* Improving the nutritional quality of edible salts by double or multiple fortification with a variety of micronutrients

* Extracting inulin from some native plants using response level and ultrasound methods and comparison with conventional method

* Developing enzymatic processes in the food industry

* Developing a set of ultrasound application plans in food processes

* Optimizing snack formulations based on potato and cereal to nutritional value

* Optimizing the production process of potato chips to reduce acrylamide production

* Producing synbiotic yogurt ice cream based on the probiotic organism microencapsulation technique

* Utilizing the ultrasound in food processes

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